Avid reader, amateur writer. I read and review to hone my own craft just as much as I do it for enjoyment.


I often joke that I didn't learn to read until fifth grade, though it's not too far from the truth. It wasn't until fifth grade that my teacher realized I was reading at a kindergarden level and put me in reading bootcamp. My dyslexia still gets in the way sometimes, so being an active reader (as English professors like to say) keeps my brain from getting lazy.


I love sci-fi and fantasy but won't limit myself to it. I prefer YA books mainly because they're some of the few I can speed through, but if the book looks good, I'll read it.


In addition to reading, I play video games, feed feral cats, and am behind on so many TV shows I have to avoid most of the internet lest I suffer spoiler boils.


I'm allergic to cats, but that doesn't stop me from living with three of them, plus a corgi and a cockatiel.I have a BA in History and wrote a thesis on Privateers and Prison Ships during the American Revolution, which I will work into every conversation (and web page) possible because pirates.